Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dreams (Tamil Movie)

Dreams ( ட்ரீம்ஸ் ) released in 2004, is an romantic movie starring Dhanush.


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Cast & Crew:

Hero: Dhanush
Heroine(s): Diyaa
Other stars: Parul yadav, Thalaivasal Vijay, Rajesh, Kuyili, Pyramid Natarajan

Direction: Kasthuri Raja
Story: Kasthuri Raja
Production: Saraswathi Srikanth (Akshay Films)
Editor: Sathish - J.N Harsha
Cinematography: Kichaas
Music Director: Bharadhwaj

Stunts: Rambo Rajkumar

Movie was Released in: 2004


Story opens with Shakthi (Dhanush) standing in a courtroom, confessing that he murdered Charu (Diyaa), his girlfriend. Public prosecutor questions why he murdered Diyaa, and the flashback opens(© .

Shakthi is a son of a rich family who goes to college. He meets Shruthi (Parul Yadav) another rich girl who attend the same college. Shakthi's father (Pyramid Natarajan) is a lenient, trusting man, while Shruthi's father (Thalaivaasal Vijay) is very strict with her daughter.
Shakthi and Shruthi eventually become good friends.

A year later, another junior girl Chaaru (Diyaa), a very conservative girl arrives. Shakthi falls in love with her, and helps her family with everyday chores. When, Chaaru's family goes out of town, Shakthi plans a picnic with Charu, Shruthi and other friends. In the picnic, Chaaru falls in love with Shakthi. However, events take a turn and Shakthi and Shruthi end up having sex.

Chaaru hears about the affair between Shakthi and Shruthi and is heart broken. Chaaru commits suicide by jumping off the cliff. Shakthi, unable to bear her death, sits beside her body. A massive search begins for Chaaru by the Police, and eventually find Shakthi and Chaaru's body.

The courtroom witnesses both the students and their parents and their versions of the story. Not even the public prosecutor (Rajesh) is an exception, who has lost his daughter because of teen age whims.

Will Shakthi be released without jail time? What happens to Shruthi? Watch the movie to find out!

Tid Bits about Dreams:

1. This movie was a flop. The magazines criticized that the movie was too sexy for a regular audience.

2. Both the heroines , Diyaa and Parul yadav were new faces, and did not fare well after this movie.

3. This movie had a close resemblence to Thulluvadho Ilamai and Kadhal Konden
Box Office Collection:

This movie did not run for 50 days and the revenue collected was less than one crore rupees.


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