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Pudhukottaiyilirunthu Saravanan

Pudhukottaiyilirunthu Saravanan ( புதுக்கோட்டையிலிருந்து சரவணன் ) released on Thai Pongal 2004, is an action/adventure movie starred by Dhanush.


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Cast & Crew:

Hero: Dhanush
Heroine(s): Aparna Pillai
Comedian(s): Karunas
Other stars: Shasha Sri, Peter Hein, Swaminathan, Gnanavel, Kabaar

Direction: S.S Stanley
Story: S.S Stanley
Production: S.K Krishnakanth (Indian Theatre)
Editor: Anil Malnad
Cinematography: Ramesh G
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Stunts: Peter Hein

Movie was Released on: January 14, 2004


Saravanan (Dhanush) is a poor youngster living in Pudhukottai trying to find a job opportunity in Singapore. With much difficulty, he manages to go to Singapore, where he does manual labor and dwells with other laborers. He is frequently taunted by a local Singaporean . The situation escalates to a point where he burns Saravanan's passport. Saravanan ends up fighting him and the singaporean jumps from the building and dies. Now, Saravanan fears the legal issues and flees the place.

Shalini (Aparna) lives a luxurious life with her uncle in Singapore. Her parents and other relatives live in India. Shalini's uncle gets into a huge debt and ends up pawning Aparna in a gamble. Eventually he realizes the trouble, and wants to send Aparna back to India. He finds Saravanan to accompany Aparna and promises to give him 3 lakhs for the job.

Since Saravanan does not have a passport and is being searched by Singapore police, they have to travel by road from Singapore to India. They end up having a road trip via Malaysia, Thailand and Burma. On the way, the problems they encounter make them both come close. Shalini Falls in love with Saravanan. She gets a tattoo on her chest with his name.

Saravanan dodges her by telling her he wants to get married to his relative. Finally, they reach India and Aparna is handed over to her parents safely. Her parents give Saravanan 3 lakhs and the moment has come to part. Shalini talks to Saravanan and tells him if he has feelings for her, he should come back to the same location after 2 months. Shalini goes home with her parents and Saravanan goes back to Pudhukottai. Now, he finds himself thinking about Shalini.

Did Saravanan go back to the location to accespt Shalini's love? Tell us in the comments section!

Tid Bits about Pudhukottaiyilirunthu Saravanan:

1. Dhanush sang his first song "Nattu Sarakku" song in this movie.

2. Karunas Acted in a double role as twin brothers.

3. This movie was shot in Thailand . The last tamil movie shot in Thailand before this was M.G.R's Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban released in 1973.

4. Yuvan Shankar Raja sang 2 songs in this movie (Where do we go? and Baby, baby)

Box Office Collection:

This movie barely made it to 50 days mark. This was the first movie that was not a hit in Dhanush's career. The collection was estimated to be around 10 crore rupees.


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