Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thiruda Thirudi

Thiruda Thirudi (திருடா திருடி ) released in 2003, is an romantic comedy movie starred by Dhanush. This was the third movie where the song Manmadha Raasa was continuously on the number 1 position for 5 months in tamil nadu. Dhanush and Chaya Singh danced extremely well for Manmadha Rasa coupled with Dhina's great music.


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Cast & Crew:

Hero: Dhanush
Heroine(s): Chaya Singh
Comedian(s): Karunas, Delhi Ganesh, Scissor Manohar
Other stars: Manika Vinayagam, 5 star Krishna, Kambar jeyaraman

Direction: Subramanyam Siva
Story: Pa. Vijay
Production: S.K Krishnakanth (Indian Theatre)
Cinematography: Nirav Patel-Alokhan
Music Director: Dhina

Stunts: Jaguar Thangam

Movie was Released on: April 17, 2004


Vaasu (Dhanush) is a carefree college goer who is laidback and makes trouble in trichy. Chandru (Karunas) is a close friend of him. Jeyalakshmi (Chaya Singh) is a career minded girl who wants to come up in life.Vaasu meets Jeyalakshmi at a fuel station and comments about her body. Jeyalakshmi gets upset with him.

A few days later, Vaasu notices Jeyalakshmi riding a two-wheeler and attempts to have a conversation with her. She is upset with him and fails to notice the oncoming vehicle and has an accident. Vaasu admits her in the hospital and pays her medical bill. Jeyalakshmi blames Vaasu for distracting her on the road, and they both end up as enemies.

Vaasu's father (Manika Vinayagam) is upset with his son's irresponsibilty and Vaasu leaves the house and goes to Chennai to find a job. He finds a job and settles into an apartment complex where he is surprised to see Jeyalakshmi. (dhanushnet) Jeyalakshmi had come to Chennai and found a job, just like Vaasu. Now, they have become neighbors and are put in a tight spot to see each other on a daily basis.

Their relationship is still sour with Jeyalakshmi and Vaasu still taunting and fighting all the time. Slowly, Jeyalakshmi starts to see the good side of Vaasu and falls in love with him. Now, it is Vaasu's turn to make Jeyalakshmi feel bad. Their fighting continues till the end of the story, where they need to decide if they will finally get together and be married.

So, did Vaasu and Jeyalakshmi get together and lived happily ever after?

Tid Bits about Thiruda Thirudi:

1. The song Manmatha Rasa was in the musical chart top for 5 months continuously.

2. Dhanush was advertised as the "Indian Bruce Lee" in this movie.

3. The movie was remade in telugu as "Donga Dongadi"

4. This movie made Dhanush a commercial hero, since he was able to give 3 successful movies in a line (Called Dhanush's hat trick)

Box Office Collection:

Thiruda Thirudi was a big box office hit, earning about 15 crore rupees.


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