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Thiruvilayadal Arambam

Thiruvilayadal Aarambam ( திருவிளையாடல் ஆரம்பம் ) released in 2006, is a romantic comedy movie starring Dhanush. This was a commercial success, and portrayed Dhanush as a very ligh hearted character after the gangster Kokki Kumar in Pudhupettai.


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Cast & Crew:

Hero: Dhanush
Villain: Prakash Raj
Heroine(s): Shriya Charan
Comedian(s): Mayilsamy, Karunaas, Singamuthu
Other stars: Mouli, Saranya, Sukumar

Direction: Boopathy Pandian
Story: Boopathy Pandian
Production: Vimalageetha
Editor: Sasi Kumar
Cinematography: Gopinath
Music Director: D.Imman
Stunts: Rocky Rajesh

Movie was Released on: December 17, 2006


Thiru (Dhanush) is a jobless youth, who is carefree and laid back. He gets into trouble all the time and is backed by his mother (Saranya). He has a strict father (Mouli) and a little brother.

He meets Priya ( Shriya) and falls in love with her. Priya is the sister of Guru (Prakash Raj) a very rich businessman in Chennai. Even before meeting Priya, Thiru goes to Guru's house and tells Guru that he is in love with Priya. Guru becomes very angry at him. Now Thiru goes through a serious of interesting issues with Priya, and Priya finally accepts his love.

Guru finds out about the love affair between Thiru and Priya and beats Thiru. Now Thiru has to convince Guru to accept the marriage between Thiru and Priya. Since Thiru is a middle class guy, Thiru categorically rejects him as a match for his sister. Thiru has to come to the same status as Guru.

Priya shows her true love for Thiru by slitting her wrist. Guru is now in a fix, and gives Thiru some money to run away from Priya. Thiru takes the money, pretends to run away, but comes back to become richer and richer. Now Thiru and Guru start fighting with their dirty tactics and see who is more rich and powerful.

The game starts between Thiru and Guru! Who won the game? Did Thiru beat Guru in the competition? Did Guru accept the love between Thiru and Guru. Watch the movie to find out!

Tid Bits about Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam:

1. The producer VimalaGeetha is none other Dhanush's sister.

2. Shriya is the first actress who acted with both the Father-in-law (Rajinikanth) and Son-in-law (Dhanush).

3. The movie re-enacted "Ennamma Kannu" previously played by Rajinikanth and Sathyaraj in the movie Mr.Bharath. This song was a big hit again.

4. The movie is remade in Telugu called "Takkari". Now it is currently being made in Kannada

Box Office Collection:

This movie was a commercial success in theaters. The movie collected 15 crores in theaters in tamil nadu. The movie was also well received in Malaysia.


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